Why Latvia

Quite often people, who are interested in obtaining the residency in one of the European Union countries, overview several states in which residence permit can be issued. Here are some advantages of getting residence permit in Latvia over other European countries:

The speed and convenience of application:

Most EU countries do not issue long lasting residency at the first application. In some case they will issue a one or two years long residency and only after it expires will re First of all it is necessary to apply one year business visa with or without the right to leave the country during the certain period. Residence permit may be issued for one - two years and only after that for a longer time in those countries where it is not required. At the same time the process of application can take more than half a year. The procedure for residence permit in Latvia takes one and a half to three months, moreover when dealing with us, the applicant will need to arrive to Riga only for 3 days at the time of getting Latvian ID card.

Freedom of movement: In most countries of the Schengen Agreement there is a rule for a new resident that says that a resident is obliged to remain in the country issuing residence permit for at least 180 days a year for first 5 years. In other case residence permit is revoked. These restrictions do not apply to our customers due to the softer immigration law of Latvia and deep insight into the nuances of Latvian legislation by our professionals.

Convenience in communication: Latvia is a multiethnic country. Despite the fact that the official language is Latvian, Russian and English are almost universally understood in the domestic sphere.

Brief information about the Republic of Latvia:

Latvia is situated in the north-east of Europe, on the east coast of the Baltic Sea. It has borders with Estonia in the east, with Russia in the south and with Belarus and Lithuania. It is washed by the Baltic Sea in the west. The total area is of 64.5 thousand square kilometers. The coastline - 531 km. Most of the country is occupied by plains and lowlands. About 44% of the country is covered with forests.

The territory of Latvia was stretched by quite an extensive network of water - more than three thousand lakes and 12 thousand rivers.

The capital: Riga is established in 1201 and it is the largest city in Latvia. Population of Riga is counting 713 270 people, 42, 3 % are Latvians, 41,1 % are Russians, 4,2% are Belarusians, 3,9 % Ukrainians and 8,5 % other nationalities.

Currency: euro (EUR)

Time zone: GMT +2

The main sea ports: Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja, Skulte, Salacgriva.

Official language: Latvian.  English, Russian, German and Swedish are widely used in tourism sector.

Population: 2.4 million people. Latvians (57%), Russians (30%), Belarusians (4%), Ukrainians (3%), Poles (3%), there are 81 nationalities in the country.

Residence permit in Latvia