A residence permit for board members / directors of companies, registered in the Republic of Latvia.

The Latvian legislation also provides residence permit for heads of organizations registered in the Republic of Latvia 

To get residence permit in this scenario, you must:

1.  Become a board member or procurator of Latvian LLC or joint-stock company

2.  The applicant’s wage for residence permit should be not less than two average gross wages in Latvia (total currently approximately 1,464 EUR)

3.  The company, where the applicant for a residence permit is going to work, must have existed at least one year and maintain minimum economic activity

4.  The company should not have any tax debts

5.  A year after receiving residence permit, there are some demands to the company - the annual tax deductions (social, income, etc.) 21,500 EUR to the state budget.

More detailed description of the procedure as well as the list of documents you can get by contacting with our specialists.



Residence permit in Latvia