About us

Our company has long-standing experience in rendering immigration service.

Since the foundation of our company in 2005 none of our clients have been refused a residence permit in EU. We succeed in completely eliminating the risk of damage to the client’s immigration history. Our guidance is what makes the immigration experience stress free and safe for our clients while they are building a new base in EU for their families. 

We use client-centered approach in consulting, where the client tells us what he wants in the greatest detail possible and we offer a tailor fit solution for the case.

We also provide the 24/7 support of your case for the whole term of your residency.


Our experience allows us to guarantee the successful outcome of your immigration case. 
The full amount of advance payment is returned to the client if residency is denied (except cases where the client was refused because of deliberately stating incorrect information and falsified documents).

Residence permit in Latvia